A "Radical" Life
Striving to live a life less-ordinary.

a matter of life & death

Why must it take death to wake us up to what we have; to the finality of life; to what matters and what doesn't?
Sadly, I tend to see everything differently when confronted with death.  I want to be hold my wife and kids all day long.  I let stuff go that would normally get me all worked up because, well, it usually doesn't matter.  I am much, much more patient with my kids and just plain nicer to them.  I feel an urgency I don't usually feel to tell people about the hope and peace they can have in by trusting in Jesus.  I soak up relationships and conversations instead of sports and Facebook.  
Why?  Because I'm reminded of the Truth.  It's something I always know, technically speaking, but life just goes so fast and I get so distracted that somehow I just lose sight.  Anybody else with me here?  Death makes me see more clearly.  What matters in life is not your bank account or the awkward situation at school or work.  God did not place you on this planet to freak out about who will win American Idol or the Super Bowl.
We are here for two reasons:  God & people.  Everything else is meaningless; a chasing after the wind.
How do you remember this truth without waiting for a confrontation with death to smack you in the face?  I think the best thing you can do is slow down and make the time to think and pray on a daily basis.  Don't tell me you don't have time.  This stuff is just too important (Is anything more important?  Really?)  Pray daily for Gods Spirit to help you see clearly.  Beg Him to help you understand his grace better, to help you fall more in love with Him, and to help you see people the way He sees people.  
God matters.  And His people matter.  You can relax about the rest.

Jeremiah Smith

Jeremiah Smith


I'm striving to live a life less-ordinary. As followers of Christ our lives should not look like everybody elses. We should be more giving, more loving, more passionate, more sure, more...radical. But we're not. We blend in and desperately want to fit in. This blog is my journey toward to a "radical" life that doesn't look like the rest of the world.


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